The Art of Strengths Coaching

S is for Sages Who Are Both Skipping And Serious  

Some sages seem to be skipping with joy and yet can also be serious. As they get older, they seem more able to have a sense of perspective about life.

They can be a Read more

E is for Enjoying Giving Everything In Experiences That Have An Edge

“I feel most alive in situations when there is something at stake,” said one person. “I can perform well in other activities, but even in those I try to keep improving.

“Sometimes I need Read more

S is for Staying Power

There are many models that people can follow to reach their goals. One approach is for them to have the right strengths and pursue the right strategy. They can then perform superb work Read more

T is for Top Performers Sometimes Needing To Trust Their Talent And Technique

Top performers follow their chosen their tactics and are tenacious. At certain times, however, they choose to trust their talent and technique. They are then more able to flow, focus and finish.

They Read more

W is for Balancing Your Work Time And Wandering Time

There are many approaches to doing fine work. One approach is to get the right balance between your work time and wandering time.

You may become deeply engaged in your work, for example, Read more

E is for Emotions Being The Engine For Achieving Excellence  

Great workers use their emotions rather than let their emotions use them. They develop a framework for converting their emotions into positive energy. They then use these emotions as the engine to work Read more

T is for Transferring Your Performance From The Training Ground To Testing Situations

There are many stories about people who perform brilliantly during their equivalent of training but then buckle when under pressure. Such people can develop strategies, however, that enable them to perform well in testing Read more

S is for Satisfying Work And Squiggly Careers  

There are many ways to develop a satisfying career. One approach is to follow a specific profession and follow a relatively straight career path. Certainly this is a path that is followed by many Read more

L is for Leaders Showing Love rather than Just Working Through Lists

There are many models for providing good leadership. Some leaders go beyond providing direction. They also show love rather than just working through lists of tasks.

Good leaders often create a positive environment in Read more

S is for The Super Teams Approach

There are many models for building great teams. The super teams approach is one that has a track record of helping teams and organisations to achieve their goals. Here is a brief overview of Read more