The Art of Strengths Coaching

S is for Soul Food

What are the things that feed your soul? Here are some answers that people give to this question.

The specific things that feed my soul are:

Encouraging people … Being with Read more


    F is for Frameworks For Fulfilment

    Great leaders create a positive environment in which motivated people can achieve peak performance. There is many models for making this happen.

    One approach is to create a framework that enables people to focus, Read more


      C is for People Who Focus On Compassion rather than Only On Cash

      Different people have different philosophies of life. Some people focus on compassion. Some people focus only on cash. The things that people focus on often drives their actions.

      People who are driven by compassion Read more


        Z is for The Things In Your Team That Are In The Green, Amber And Red Zones

        Imagine that you lead a team. People are clear on the team’s purpose, principles and picture of success. They have also made clear contracts about their best contributions towards achieving the goals.

        There are Read more


          A is for Attention, Application And Achievement  

          There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is to focus on attention, application and achievement.

          “Attention is everything,” we are told. “What we focus on, we become.” Everything is food and Read more


            E is for Excellent Teams Getting The Right Balance Of Entrepreneurs, Experts and Eager Beavers    

            There are many models for building fine teams. One approach is to get the right balance of entrepreneurs, experts and eager beavers. This is an approach that I have seen work in pioneering companies.

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              Z is for The Things In Your Life That Are In The Green, Amber And Red Zones

              There are many models for checking how things are going in your life. One approach is to clarify the things that are in the green, amber and red zones.

              You can clarify how things Read more


                G is for The Guiding Principles Of Gratitude, Giving And Good Work    

                There are many ways to live life. Some people follow the guiding principles of gratitude, giving and doing good work. They aim to plant seeds of hope that encourage both present and future Read more


                  M is for Mission Holders

                  Imagine you have just taken the leadership role in an organisation. After having one-to-ones with key players, you going to hold a two day session for the top 16 managers.

                  Each manager is also Read more


                    P is for Prepare As Though You Have Everything To Win; Perform As Though You Have Nothing To Lose  

                    There are many models for doing your best in potentially challenging situations. One approach is learn from athletes who aim to perform at their best in sports.

                    An athlete may spend ten years Read more