The Art of Strengths Coaching

Positive Encourager Materials – Free Stuff

This section provides lots of materials that you can download and use in your own way. It contains the following materials, supplied in both Power Point and Keynote.

The Career Development Pack

This provides materials that you can use to shape your future career. It focuses on how you can continue to build on your strengths, find sponsors – employers or customers – and deliver success.

Career Development Pack keynote

Career Development Pack powerpoint

The Super Teams Pack

This provides materials that you can use to build a super team. It starts by helping you to clarify the team’s strengths and chosen strategy. It then focuses on how you can continue to communicate the team’s story, strategy and road to success.

Super Teams Pack keynote

Super Teams Pack powerpoint

The Appreciative Inquiry Pack

This provides materials on the Appreciative Inquiry approach to helping teams and organisations to develop. It also provides exercises that you can use to follow some of these paths in your own way.

Appreciative Inquiry Pack keynote

Appreciative Inquiry Pack powerpoint

The Creative Problem Solving Pack

This provides materials you can use to apply the creative problem solving approach of focusing on Clarity, Creativity and Concrete Results. It shows how you can follow these steps to help both individuals and teams to find solutions to challenges.

Creative Problem Solving Pack keynote

Creative Problem Solving Pack powerpoint

The Leader’s Pack For Meeting Individuals When Taking Over A Team

Super teams implement the right strategy with the right people in the right way. This pack provides exercises you can use for holding your initial one-to-one sessions with people when taking over a team.

You can then build with those people who want to contribute to and deliver the team’s picture of success.

Leader’s Pack keynote

Leader’s Pack powerpoint