The Art of Strengths Coaching

E is for The Exponential Climb From 7/10 To 10/10

Many people can find activities in which they can quickly reach 7/10. But then comes the hard part, which is the exponential climb to 10/10.

This is the equivalent of graduating from county champion Read more

S is for Recognising That You Are Always On Stage

The nature of work has changed over the past couple of decades. Transparency has taken over, especially in the age of open plan offices. Employers, customers and colleagues will make judgements about the way Read more

J is for Jungle Crows: Enabling Young People To Develop Through Sport

Jungle Crows is an NGO constituted in India as a Charitable Trust. It focuses on the growth and development of young people in particular through the use of sport.

Below are excerpts from its Read more

F is for Fair Fighters

Everybody encounters differences of opinion and conflicts in their lives. During these situations it can be useful to recognise when people are fighting fair or fighting dirty. Let’s explore these different ways of trying Read more

W is for What People Worship

There are many models for understanding what motivates people. One approach is to focus on what they worship.

The key is to look at people’s actions, rather than words. What are they devoted to Read more

J is for Enjoying The Journey

How can you do fulfilling work? One approach is to do activities where you enjoy the journey as much as reaching the goal. These may be when you are writing, gardening, creating, solving Read more

D is for Dos rather than Don’ts

“People respond best to seeing a positive way forwards,” said one of my first mentors.

“People like to know what they can do – rather than be scolded about what they can’t do. They Read more

T is for Trying Easy rather than Trying Hard

Sports psychologists talk about the idea of helping athletes to try easy, rather than try hard.

The athlete must prepare by putting in all the hard work. On the day of the competition, however, Read more

L is for Shane J. Lopez: The Importance Of Hope

Shane describes himself as: “A psychologist studying hope for a living.”

A writer and researcher, he explains that hopeful people often demonstrate the following qualities.

They believe that the future will be better than Read more

B is for Amanda Boxtel: Growing From Pivotal Moments In Our Lives

In February 1992 Amanda had a skiing accident that broke her back in four places. Accepting the reality of the situation, but still full of hope, she focused on shaping her future. She Read more