The Art of Strengths Coaching

F is for ‘In Order To Finish First, First You Have To Finish’

There is some dispute where this phrase originated, though the favourite is from the world of motor racing.

The Formula 1 team may be gung-ho about winning the Grand Prix. But first they must Read more

L is for The Leadership Package

Imagine that you are considering taking a leadership role. What kind of leader do you want to be?

If you do take the role, how can you manage the pluses and minuses involved? Are Read more

W is for Where There’s A Way, There’s A Will

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” says the proverb.

Providing a person has enough will power, they will eventually find a way to reach their goals. You can also change the proverb’s wording Read more

G is for Focusing On The Goal rather than The Goalkeeper

What are the situations where you naturally focus on the goal, rather than the goalkeeper?

These are activities where you have a positive approach and see possibilities. Certainly there may be challenges, but you Read more

C is for Calmness Being A Clue To Your Strengths

There are many ways to find your strengths. One way is to focus on the situations where you are calm, clear and deliver the required concrete results. Let’s explore where this may happen Read more

D is for Your Team Following Agreed Dos And Don’ts Towards Delivering The Goods

Good teams embody clarity. Everybody knows the goals they aim to deliver. They also know the guidelines – the Dos and Don’ts – people need to follow to reach the goals.

Looking back, can Read more

S is for Helping People To Succeed

“How do you spend your days?”

Some people answer this question by describing their job. Some by describing their vocation. Many can answer the question by saying:

“I spend my days helping people to Read more