C is for Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Some people aim to develop by continuing to expand their comfort zone. Many people urge others to develop by saying to them:

“You need to get out of your comfort zone.”

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C is for Feeling In Control

People like to feel in control. They like to feel able to take charge of shaping their future lives. Sometimes they can experience difficulties, however, if they feel things are beyond their control.

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C is for Cutting Through Crowdedness

Great workers have the ability to cut through crowdedness in the activities where they excel. They can deal with masses of information – and many things happening at once – in situations that may Read more

P is for Building On The Positive People In An Organisation

Imagine you are leading an organisation. Some of the people are positive, some swing between being positive and neutral, some are negative.

How do you want to work with the different kinds of people?

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Y is for Finding Yourself, Accepting Yourself And Forgetting Yourself

Many psychological approaches focus on helping a person to understand who they are, but these highlight an interesting paradox. Sometimes:

You are most yourself when you forget yourself.

People often reveal their true strengths Read more

S is for Satisfying Work

This article focuses on how you can do satisfying work and also earn a salary. Pursuing this path can help to stimulate your soul, satisfy your basic needs and help other people to achieve Read more

P is for Predictability

Peak performers aim to create as much predictability as possible in their chosen field.

The athlete, for example, aims to follow certain principles to consistently deliver 8/10. This creates a platform for doing what Read more