N is for Never Walking Past A Quality Problem

A Managing Director taught me the meaning of the phrase Never Walk Past A Quality Problem.

Sitting in the reception area of his company’s offices, I saw him park his car and begin walking Read more

P is for Employing People Who Are Positive, Professional And Peak Performers

Super teams are built on similarity of spirit and diversity of strengths. Diversity of spirit is a recipe for disaster.

Bearing this in mind, what are the qualities you are looking for in people? Read more

P is for Positive Energy

Energy is life. So what gives you positive energy? What gives you negative energy?

How can you get more positive energy in the future? You may then be able to give even more to Read more

P is for Being Positively Engaged

People often do their best work when they are positively engaged, rather than partly or pretend engaged. Sounds obvious, so how can you translate this into action? Let’s explore these three kinds of engagement.

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O is for Making Good Use Of Your OCD

Peak performers often have a positive form of OCD. By this I mean Obsessive Compulsive Discipline rather than Disorder.

They tend to be obsessively disciplined in the activities where they excel. Such people know Read more

N is for Using Numbers To Get To The Heart of The Matter

Imagine that you are facilitating a coaching session for an individual, team or organisation. Sometimes people may talk a lot around an issue.

One way to get to the heart of Read more

N is for Doing What Comes Naturally

How can you build on your strengths? The Gallup Organization encourages individuals to focus on ‘the things you cannot help but do’. Let’s explore some steps for making this happen.

Clarifying The Things That Read more

M is for Mental Rehearsal

Peak performers spend many hours mentally rehearsing ways to achieve success. This is in addition to the fabled 10,000 hours spent doing purposeful practice.

Rehearsing situations properly goes beyond making a person feel stronger. Read more

M is for Memory Of The Future

Arie de Geus, the author of The Living Company, is an expert on scenario planning. During his studies he found that peak performers develop a memory of the future.

They constantly envisage what might Read more

M is for A Mentee Making Good Use Of Mentoring Sessions

Good mentors are wise and trusted advisors. They pass on knowledge in a way that helps the mentee to achieve their personal or professional goals.

Mentors are now used by many people in organisations. Read more