T is for Following Your Tradition

What is your tradition? Who have been the people that you have admired? Whose path do you want to follow in your way?

People who recognise their tradition feel they are part of something Read more

S is for The STAGE Model Of Leadership

There are many approaches to leadership. The STAGE Model covers the Strategic, Tactical, Administrative, Grunt Work and Emotional aspects of teamwork.

This model works well for leaders whose strengths lie in strategic and emotional Read more

S is for The Satisfying Work Curve

“Sometimes I get extremely excited about a new idea,” said one person.

“Turning it into something practical, I then do work that is extremely satisfying.

“After making my living at it for a while, Read more

S is for Stimulation, Stretch And Success

There are many models for doing satisfying work. One approach is to start by focusing on a specific activity that you find stimulating.

Concentrating on this activity, you can set a stimulating goal that Read more

S is for Spring Cleaning Your Life

Sometimes it is important to have a spring clean to sort out our lives. Clutter absorbs energy.

It can be useful to refocus on the things that are really important. If you wish, Read more

S is for Managing Setbacks Successfully

Peak performers have a pattern of managing setbacks successfully. Sometimes they actually emerge stronger from such experiences. They grow wiser and more able to do great work in the future.

There are many models Read more

S is for Making Complicated Things Simple

Great performers make complicated things simple. Going into the situation in which they excel, they see patterns quickly. They then pursue the right strategies and deliver success.

There are many ways to Read more

S is for Helping Somebody To Follow Their Successful Style

Imagine that somebody has asked you to help them to find their strengths and do satisfying work.

One approach is to use many of the exercises that enable people to clarify the specific activities Read more

B is for Being The Best You Can Be Rather Than Being The Best

Different people have different philosophies regarding how to help a person grow. This article explores one approach.

“Our role is to encourage each child to aim to become the best they can be. Providing Read more

S is for Focusing On Where You Have Self-Discipline

There are many ways to find your strengths. One of the keys is to focus on where you have natural self-discipline. Let’s explore how you can build on where this happens for you.

You Read more