P is for Positive Circles Rather Than Negative Circles

People can choose to put themselves into positive circles or negative circles. Each approach has consequences. Let’s explore these two approaches.

Positive Circles

Looking back, can you think of a time when you put Read more

G is for Getting Work By Going Out And Helping People To Succeed

The old saying goes:

Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen and some wonder ‘What happened?’

Certainly this was true during the recession. Some people who lost their jobs tried to Read more

F is for The Facts Are Friendly

Carl Rogers believed that people grew by facing reality. We should welcome information, he said, even if the new evidence shows that our previous views were mistaken. Whatever the revelation, the facts are friendly.

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F is for Doing Fulfilling Work And Finding Funding

There are several routes that people can take in their professional lives. Here are three possibilities.

They can follow The Fulfilling Road, The Faustian Road or The Fulfilling and Funding Road. There are, of Read more

E is for Running An Enjoyable And Effective Educational Session

There are many ways to help people to learn. One approach is to use the 1-2-3 model for running an educational session.

This is a basic model, but it can be both enjoyable Read more

P is for Doing Positive Things During Our Time On The Planet

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to focus on doing positive things each day.

This calls for going beyond positive thinking. It calls for doing. People sometimes say, for example:

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E is for Being in Your Element

“They are in their element,” is a phrase often used to describe a person who is doing superb work.

Sir Ken Robinson describes how people often follow this path in his book The Element. Read more

E is for Balancing The Entrepreneurship, Engine And Excellence

There are many models for building on an exciting idea and implementing it successfully. One approach is to go through the stages of focusing on the entrepreneurship, engine and excellence. Let’s explore these three Read more

D is for Drive It, Delegate It Or Ditch It

People often find that their professional lives become crowded as they take on more things to do. Sometimes this means they find it difficult to focus on the key strategies for achieving their goals.

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D is for People Who Operate In A Different Dimension

Some people operate in a different dimension. They have a different way of thinking, feeling and creating.

This does not mean they are good or bad, brilliant or useless. Just that they are different. Read more