The Art of Strengths Coaching

H is for Using Your Own Hurt To Help Other People

Everybody has setbacks. Everybody has pain. Each person can then ask:

How do I want to use my experience? Do I want to use it to help people or hurt people?

During my Read more

O is for One Day At A Time

During the 1970s I worked with many people who aimed to retake charge of their lives. Like in many recovery programmes, they started by taking responsibility and clarifying their options. They then chose to Read more

S is for Building On Your Team’s Strengths

Imagine you are leading a team or a business. How can you ensure it builds on its strengths, whilst managing the consequences of any weaknesses?

This article looks at one approach that works. It Read more

M is for Making Models That Make Sense Of Things

People love to learn from experience. They love to see patterns, simplify these and pass on this knowledge to other people.

How to make this happen? One way is to make models that help Read more

J is for Joy

People love to experience a sense of joy. They often find this comes as an outcome of doing certain things, however, rather than making joy an end in itself. Different people achieve this feeling Read more

I is for The Infrastructure For Inspiring Work

Peak performers put in the right infrastructure to make sure all the practical tasks get done. They also make sure all the hygiene factors are covered.

Doing these properly provides the platform for doing Read more

M is for Maintaining Momentum

Peak performers build and maintain momentum on the way to doing fine work. They may call this being on a roll, being in the groove or getting their mojo working.

Great organisations aim create Read more