The Art of Strengths Coaching

C is for Being Calm And Clear When Almost Caring Too Much

Great workers care deeply about their chosen pursuit. They may feel passionately about encouraging people, playing a sport, healing the planet or whatever.

People often do their best work, however, when they are calm Read more

E is for Creating An Encouraging Environment

Good encouragers are like good gardeners. They create an environment in which people can grow.

They may aim to create an encouraging relationship, family, school, work place, culture or whatever. People often look back Read more

P is for The Power Of Pottering Around

Some people divide their day into purposeful time and pottering around time. Both activities provide their own kinds of insights.

Purposeful activity can be inspiring, but you can only ride the wave for a Read more

T is for Taking Charge Of Transitions

People like to feel in control, especially when faced by the possibility of change. They want to have some influence on shaping their future lives.

This article describes how people can be helped to Read more

B is for Being Battle-Hardened But Still Brave

Who are the people you know who are battle-hardened but still brave? They may have experienced setbacks, illnesses or other difficulties.

Despite these factors – or maybe because of them – they are still Read more

C is for Feeling Compelled To Create

What are the things you feel compelled to create? Some people feel compelled to throw themselves into writing, painting, gardening, cooking, building, designing, problem solving or whatever.

They feel swept along on a wave Read more

S is for Supporting The Positive Spirit In People

There are many ways to help people. One approach is to support the positive spirit in individuals, teams and organisations. It is then to provide practical tools they can use to achieve success.

What Read more

R is for Babette Rothschild’s Superb Work Providing Safe Trauma Therapy

Babette has helped many people to deal with traumas. Her work combines kindness, wisdom and practical tools.

She believes that safe trauma therapy aims to improve a client’s quality of life. You can discover Read more