T is for The Tingle Factor

When do you experience the tingle factor? When do you get thrills down your spine? When do you feel excited about what you are going to do?

Different people give different answers to these Read more

L is for Feeling Liberated By Limits

Looking back on your life, when have you felt liberated by having limits?

You may have had only a few materials to work with, but used these as the springboard for being creative. You Read more

S is for The Super Teams Approach

There are many models for building great teams. The super teams approach aims to create a positive environment in which motivated people can achieve peak performance.

Super teams believe that people work best if Read more

I is for Innovation, Implementation And Impact

This approach starts by clarifying the desired impact – the real results to achieve. It then invites people to go through stages of innovation, implementation and checking they have achieved the required impact.

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R is for Rewarding The Behaviour You Want Repeated

“Reward the behaviour you want repeated,” is one of the basic rules of psychology. The principle applies whether you are encouraging people in a team, organisation or the wider society.

Imagine that you have Read more

E is for Encouraging People On An Emotional Level As Well As An Economic Level

There are many ways to encourage people. One approach is to make sure they are encouraged on both an emotional and economic level.

Looking at the organisations in which people score highly on wellbeing, Read more

C is for The Creative Art

There are many approaches to problem solving. One approach is to keep your eyes on the goal, rather than the obstacles. It is then to find creative ways to reach the goal.

A teacher Read more

E is for Enthusiasm

What have you been enthusiastic about in the past? What has set your soul on fire?

You may have loved travelling to watch music gigs, fixing car engines, going dancing, studying maps, solving particular Read more