S is for Spending Time In Sanctuaries

People often love to work hard, but they can also gain strength by spending time in their chosen sanctuaries.

Being in such places can help them to relax and see things perspective. They can Read more

S is for Surfing The Sigmoid Curve

“My greatest challenge has been deciding how long to stay in a particular role,” said one person.

“Looking back at the jobs I have had, sometimes I kept growing and did fine work for Read more

S is for Supporting People’s Sparks

When do you see people come alive? When do you see them fulfilled and creative? When do you see their sparks?

Peter Benson had a profound influence on the way many people encourage children, Read more

P is for Pot Fillers And Pot Drillers

Encouragement gives us energy. Discouragement can sap our energy and dilute our ability to do good work. It is vital, of course, to be an Encourager for other people.

There are many models for Read more

S is for The Sink Or Swim, Sideshow And Serious Plan Approaches To Starting A Business

Imagine that you want to start your own business. There are at least three different approaches you can take towards making this happen.

Let’s explore the pluses and minuses of pursuing each of these Read more

S is for Delivering The Scorecard Whilst Also Doing Stimulating Projects

People who thrive in organisations often get the right blend between delivering the scorecard and doing stimulating projects. Such projects need to benefit the organisation and produce success stories.

Let’s explore how Read more

P is for Prime Times

When are your prime times? What are the times of the day when you have most energy? When do you feel most creative? Let’s explore how you can make the most use of Read more

S is for Asking: “Are You Serious?”

During the past 50 years I have worked with many people and organisations that have settled on pursuing certain strategies. Before they commit to their action plans, however, it has been useful to say Read more

R is for Respecting A Challenge

Good workers respect the challenge they face. They do this whether they are tackling a routine task, turning around a company or climbing a mountain.

Some people do not respect a challenge and ‘fall Read more

P is for The Power Of Play

Barbara Brannen describes what she calls Heart Play in her book The Gift of Play. She emphasises the value of doing activities that make our hearts sing. You can find Barbara’s book via the Read more