B is for Being Creative Within Borders Rather Than Having A Blank Piece Of Paper

Different people are stimulated to be creative in different ways. Sometimes it can be useful to explore which conditions we each prefer.

Some people like to start with a blank piece of paper. They Read more

M is for Making The Most Of Life Whilst Managing Challenging Issues

When have you chosen to enjoy life, even whilst managing a difficulty? Different people choose to do this in different ways. Individuals may say some of the following things.

I am going Read more

T is for Earning Trust

A pilot in the Red Arrows flying team gave an interesting view of trust. Describing his state of mind when performing, he said the following.

“When the team needs to turn right, I do Read more

C is for Controlling The Controllables

Today it is more common to hear people talking about controlling the controllables. The phrase is often used by athletes, but many people are applying the philosophy in their daily lives.

People may cross Read more

P is for People Developing On The Primary Level And The Secondary Level

People often develop on two levels. These are the primary level and the secondary level.

The primary level is that of playing, doing and feeling. When we are children, for example, we often learn Read more

P is for Persistence

Looking back on your life, when have you shown persistence? You may have shown it when pursuing a passion, playing a sport, fixing a problem, leading a project or whatever.

What did you do Read more