The Art of Strengths Coaching

P is for Reframing Things As Projects

There are many ways to deal with events in life. On some occasions it is good to experience all the emotions. On other occasions, however, it is be useful to have a certain detachment.

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F is for Foresight

People are told that: “Hindsight is a wonderful thing.” Many of us can look back on things we wish we had known about beforehand.

People can also do their best to use foresight, however, Read more

F is for Focusing On Feelings And Facts When Helping People To Shape Their Futures

Good encouragers focus on both feelings and facts when helping people to shape their futures.

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S is for Focusing On Success rather than Sideshows

People love to follow their passions. They can then translate these into a clear purpose and work hard to achieve their picture of success.

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S is for The Sweet Spot

Different people use different expressions to describe when things go perfectly. They may talk about being in the groove, in the zone or experiencing a sense of flow.

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B is for Being Creative Within Borders rather than Having A Blank Piece Of Paper

Different people are stimulated to be creative in different ways. Sometimes it can be useful to explore which conditions we each prefer.

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B is for The Belief Factor

Belief is vital. People will pull out all the stops to do work they believe in. Once the belief goes, however, they may find themselves disillusioned or drifting.

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M is for Making The Most Of Life Whilst Managing Challenging Issues

When have you chosen to enjoy life, even whilst managing a difficulty? Different people choose to do this in different ways. Individuals may say some of the following things.

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T is for Earning Trust

A pilot in the Red Arrows flying team gave an interesting view of trust. Describing his state of mind when performing, he said the following.

“When the team needs to turn right, I do Read more

D is for Following The Dos And Don’ts For Delivering The Goods

Great workers often go through the following steps towards achieving their goals. They take these steps whether facilitating a coaching session, writing a book, leading a project, tackling a challenge or whatever.

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