P is for People Who Spread Positivity During Their Time On The Planet  

People can choose to spread positivity or negativity during their time on the planet. The choice they make has consequences for both themselves and other people.

People who take the first route are often Read more

R is for Relaxed Relentlessness  

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to pursue the path of relaxed relentlessness.

Great workers sometimes take this path. They do this by taking the following steps.

They clarify Read more

P is for Pacesetters

Pacesetters have a different kind of psychology. They take the lead, maintain the lead and extend the lead.

Dick Fosbury created a revolutionary method of high jumping. Sony invented the Walkman. Abraham Maslow gave Read more

F is for Following The Old Advice ‘Find A Need And Fill It’

There are many ways to do satisfying work that earns a salary. One approach is to follow the old advice of ‘Find a need and fill it.’

Some people say this approach Read more

P is for The Pioneering Approach

They are many ways to do pioneering work. One approach is for a person to pursue a specific activity they feel passionately about where they can do superb work. They also perceive things in Read more

L is for The Learner Learns What The Learner Wants To Learn

There are many philosophies about how people learn. A key principle that underlines most approaches, however, is that:

The learner learns what the learner wants to learn.

Looking back at your own life, can Read more

D is for The Daily Work And Deep Work Involved In Doing Great Work    

Cal Newport struck a chord for many people with his book Deep Work. He described the joy and meaning that individuals can get from doing such work.

This sense of absorption can be lost, Read more

C is for Control, Clarity And Concrete Results

There are many ways to do fine work. Great workers, for example, often focus on control, clarity and concrete results. They do this when working as individuals or when leading teams.

Different people take Read more

W is for Being A Warrior And A Worrier

Great workers get the right balance between being warriors and worriers. Sometimes the balance can get out of kilter, however, and this can cause problems.

One person explained their concern about this in the Read more