E is for Feeling At Ease By Reframing Nervousness As Excitement

How can you deal with situations in which you may get nervous? Simon Sinek describes one approach in the interview above which he gave to the organisation called Capture Your Flag.

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F is for Fighting Spirit, Flow And Fulfilment

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to demonstrate fighting spirit and then flow on the way towards finding fulfilment.

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T is for Succeeding Twice When Tackling A Challenge  

There are many ways to define success. One approach is: a) To succeed by being true to yourself when tackling a challenge; b) To tackle the challenge successfully. You will then have succeeded Read more

W is for Doing Something Worthwhile rather than Simply Worrying

People only have a certain amount of energy, so the ways they use it are crucial. This is especially so when people are concerned about events that are happening in the world.

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D is for Developing Early Detectors Of Opportunities And Dangers

Great workers often develop early detectors of opportunities or dangers in their particular field. They are curious, gather information and try to anticipate what will happen. They then rehearse potential strategies for tackling challenges Read more

P is for Demonstrating Poise

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to be positive, follow your chosen principles and demonstrate poise.

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R is for Being Able To Relax, Refocus And Deliver Results

There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is to start by clarifying the real results you want to achieve. It is then to go through the following steps.


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