M is for Moving From Mourning To Mobilising To Making Your Best Contribution  

There are many models for overcoming setbacks. Some people go through the stages of shock, denial, anger, hurt and healing. They then get new strength, set goals, work hard, achieve success and gain self-confidence.

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C is for Being Committed To Continuous Improvement  

Peak performers embody the Japanese concept of Kaizen – continuous improvement. They keep doing the basics and then add the brilliance. Different people do this in different ways.

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F is for Helping People To Shape Their Futures By Using The Future Perfect Approach

There are many models for helping people to work towards achieving their goals. One approach is to use exercises that involve them using the future perfect tense.

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D is for Behaving Decently Rather Than Being Dragged Into The Gutter  

People can choose how they respond to positive or negative experiences. The way they choose to respond has consequences, both for themselves and for other people.

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V is for Following Your Values In A VUCA World

During the past 20 years many people have talked about living in a VUCA world. This is a world where situations can be volatile, uncertain, complex or ambiguous. Some events contain aspects of Read more