S is for Speed, Stamina And Success

Great workers pursue their chosen strategy and also pay attention to another dimension. They aim to do things at the right speed when implementing their strategy.

Sometimes this means going relatively slowly; sometimes Read more

I is for Individuals Choosing To Be Inspiring Or Intimidating

Strong individuals can choose to be inspiring or intimidating. The choice they make has consequences – both for themselves and other people.

This is a scenario I have encountered several times when doing mentoring Read more

P is for People Workers Who Shape A Positive Future

People workers may work in different fields but they often have a similar calling. They focus on helping people to shape a positive future. They may do this when working in education, sport, business Read more

P is for The Professional Freelancer Approach – Even If You Are A Full-Time Employee    

Great workers often choose to behave like professional freelancers. They believe it is vital to do superb work, give great service and deliver success. They behave in this way even if they are Read more

S is for The Super Teams Approach

There are many models for building great teams. The super teams approach aims to create a positive environment in which motivated people can achieve peak performance.

Super teams believe that people work best if Read more

I is for Innovation, Implementation And Impact

This approach starts by clarifying the desired impact – the real results to achieve. It then invites people to go through stages of innovation, implementation and checking they have achieved the required impact.

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S is for Specialists Who Do Satisfying Work And Deliver Success

Imagine that you want to specialise in a certain kind of work that you find fascinating. You love developing your expertise in this specialism.

You may want to earn a living doing such Read more