The Art of Strengths Coaching

C is for Building On What People Can Do Rather That What They Can’t Do

This is an approach that can be helpful when encouraging a person who may have strengths in specific activities but not be an all-rounder. It focuses on what a person can do rather than Read more

T is for The Together View Of Life rather than The Tribal View Of Life  

There are many ways to look at life. Some people take the together view of life whilst others take the tribal view of life. Let’s explore these two approaches.

The Together View

People who Read more

T is for People Working Together By Focusing On The Third Side

William Ury described one way that The Third Side approach can help people to resolve differences. You can discover more about his superb work in this area via the following link.

William Ury

The Read more

R is for The Recentring Approach

This is an approach that people can use in different situations. They may do so when recovering from a setback, rehearsing doing a piece of work of exploring how to shape their future.

Imagine Read more