A is for Peter Diamandis And Steven Cotler On Abundance

Peter Diamandis and Steven Cotler recognise there are many challenges in the world.

They also believe that human beings have the imagination and technology to shape a positive future.

The authors want to change the world’s conversation. They aim to show how people can focus on realistic hope, rather than on gloom and doom.

Peter and Steven describe four key areas in which people are taking action to improve life on the planet.


The new technologies are providing exponential breakthroughs in computing, energy, medicine and many other fields.

The new technologies are empowering Do-It-Yourself innovators to make great advances in many fields. They, rather than the big organisations, can show the ways forward.

The new technologies are creating new kinds of philanthropists who are tackling difficult problems in the world.

The authors finally point to what they call ‘the rising billion’. These are the poor people in the world who, through a combination of spirit and technology, are shaping their future lives. The authors say:

“For the first time ever, the rising billion will have the remarkable power to identify, solve and implement their own abundance solutions.”

You can read more about their book on their site. Below is another video in which Jason Silva gives his views on the book.


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