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O is for Our Better World: Sharing Stories To Build A Better World

Our Better World aims to share inspiring stories that encourage people to keep building a positive planet.

Below are excerpts from its website, together with links to some of the featured videos. You can discover more via the following link.

Our Better World

 About Us

We think stories are magical. And we think people are powerful.

Both have the ability to touch the heart, challenge the mind and spark the soul.

So we tell stories, with a focus on Asia, to bring together the magic of stories and the power of people, to inspire change – to make it our better world.

Along with featuring people who are changing lives and whose lives are changed, we pull together a range of tangible, useful actions for you to join the journey.

Our Better World is an initiative of the Singapore International Foundation.

Singaporean Shaun Teo journeys to West Kalimantan, Indonesia to help build a school and several homes in the Living Waters Village that provides food, shelter, education and a loving familial community to about 450 children and teens.

Besides physical labour, Shaun and other volunteers play and spend time with the children and teens – many of whom are orphaned or abandoned, or whose families are unable to care for them – building friendships that help the 19-year-old learn “what’s important in life”.

Vemala Valas had barely been in Bangalore two hours when she fell getting off a motorcycle and fractured her left hand.

Not a good start to her volunteering stint to teach disadvantaged children from slum areas. She thought of calling it quits and returning to Singapore, but she’s glad she didn’t.

It might be one of the most unique covers of a Green Day hit you’ll ever hear: young, at-risk girls from an Indian shelter singing Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Many of the children have been abused or have suffered trauma.

Music helps to engage them, helps them to relax.

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