The Art of Strengths Coaching

S is for The Super Teams Approach

There are many models for building great teams. The super teams approach aims to create a positive environment in which motivated people can achieve peak performance.

Super teams believe that people work best if Read more

C is for The Class Act Approach

There are many ways to do fine work. One model is to keep following the class act approach.

“They are a class act,” is a phrase used to describe somebody who consistently performs brilliantly. Read more

D is for Distancing Yourself, Decision Making And Delivering The Desired Results    

There are many ways to do superb work. One approach is particularly useful when tackling challenging situations. This involves taking the following steps.

Step 1 is to distance yourself from the situation to see Read more

E is for Equilibrium, Enjoyment And Extreme Experiences

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to balance equilibrium, enjoyment and extreme experiences.

Many people enjoy having a sense of equilibrium. They like to do the familiar things in life Read more

A is for The Achievement Model

There are many models for understanding how people do superb work. One approach is to clarify how they rate in the areas of attitude, ability, application, adventure and achievement.

Imagine that you are recruiting Read more

S is for Crafting A Script You Can Follow To Stay Strong, Do Superb Work And Achieve Success  

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to craft a script you want to follow in a specific situation. This could be when you are encouraging people, performing creative work, Read more

E is for Using Your Emotions To Encourage People And Deliver Excellence

People can choose how they use their emotions. They can use them to encourage other people or to deliver excellence. They can also use them to hurt other people or to spread unhappiness.

This Read more

T is for Teaching Moments

Teaching moments are those where we can learn valuable lessons we can apply in our lives. Such moments can occur in different situations. They may happen when, for example:

We make a mistake Read more

D is for Decision Making And Doing Your Best At Decisive Moments

There are many approaches to making decisions and doing your best at decisive moments. This article explores some of the methods that people use to take these steps.

Different people have different views Read more

P is for Passion, Perspective And Making A Positive Contribution To The Planet  

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to follow your passion, maintain perspective and make a positive contribution to the planet.

Some people take these steps in their daily lives. They Read more