The Art of Strengths Coaching

W is for The Three Waves Approach To Shifting A Culture

Imagine you are a leader. You have been given the authority to do whatever is necessary to shift an organisation’s culture. Some leaders invite the employees to ‘change’, but this seldom works.

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T is for Being A Trusted Advisor

There are many ways to help people. One approach is to be a good trusted advisor. This article is based on the workshops I run for organisations that want their people to act Read more

D is for Delivering At The Denouement

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to do what you do best, have a strong drive and be disciplined. It is then to focus on decision making, doing your Read more

A is for The Achievement Model

There are many models for understanding how people do superb work. One approach is to clarify how they rate in the areas of attitude, ability, application, adventure and achievement.

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S is for The Strengths Approach To Helping People To Achieve Their Picture Of Success  

There are many ways to encourage people. The strengths approach helps people to build on their strengths, set specific goals and achieve their picture of success.

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P is for The Positive Approach To Pursuing Your Purpose During Your Time On The Planet

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to choose to have a positive attitude. You can then pursue your purpose, principles and picture of success. It is to keep following this Read more

G is for Being Grateful, Generous And Good  

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to try to follow the guiding compass of being grateful, generous and good. Let’s explore how people can follow these principles in their own Read more

S is for Doing The Solid Work And The Spectacular Work On The Way Towards Achieving Success  

Great workers often build on their strengths and follow their chosen strategies. They then do the solid work and, when appropriate, do the spectacular work on the way towards achieving success.

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S is for The Success Iceberg  

The Success Iceberg is a model that explains both the seen and unseen work that people do to perform on the day. The model is often used when working with aspiring athletes, singers and Read more

F is for Offering People Frameworks For Fulfilment  

There are many ways to help people. One approach is to start by finding out what they want to achieve. It is then to offer them frameworks they can follow to flow, focus, finish Read more