S is for Specialists Who Do Satisfying Work And Deliver Success

Imagine that you want to specialise in a certain kind of work that you find fascinating. You love developing your expertise in this specialism.

You may want to earn a living doing such Read more

B is for The Beliefs, Basics And Brilliance Approach  

There are many ways to do your best. One approach is to keep doing what you believe in, doing the basics and then, when appropriate, adding the brilliance. This is especially important when aiming Read more

T is for Tools For Managing Triggers  

Different people have different triggers that can lead to them behaving in ways that cause difficulties. Sometimes they may manage such situations successfully. Sometimes they may fall into a downward spiral.

A recovering alcoholic Read more

M is for The Art Of Mindlessness As Well As Mindfulness

Some people aim to balance mindfulness and mindlessness. Mindfulness can help us to be fully aware of what we are doing, but sometimes it is important to let our minds wander. This can help Read more

E is for Enjoyment, Encouragement And Excellence  

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to enjoy life, encourage people and deliver excellence. It is to count your blessings, be kind and do your best.

These themes are often Read more

A is for Adventure, Application And Achievement    

There are many ways to live life. One approach is to see the things you do as an opportunity for adventure, application and achievement. Let’s consider some examples.

A nurse working in Accident & Read more

R is for The Recentring Approach

This is an approach that people can use in different situations. They may do so when recovering from a setback, rehearsing doing a piece of work of exploring how to shape their future.

Imagine Read more

P is for Helping People To Experience Things From A Positive Dimension

People sometimes develop by experiencing things in another dimension. They may do this when learning, working, listening to music, appreciating beauty, seeing new paradigms or having other experiences.

Some workers build on this approach. Read more

G is for Gumption

There are many models for doing fine work. One approach is for a person to focus on the specific activities in which they have the gifts and the gumption required to do great work.

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P is for Explaining The Professional Deal To People

Good organisations create a positive culture in which motivated people can achieve peak performance. They are also moral and communicate the professional deal to people.

Such organisations recognise that people need to know about Read more