The Art of Strengths Coaching

B is for Brilliance

There are many ways for people to do fine work. A chef does it by creating a wonderful meal that people will remember for the rest of their lives. A footballer does it Read more

W is for The Three Waves Approach To Shifting A Culture

Imagine you are a leader. You have been given the authority to do whatever is necessary to shift an organisation’s culture. Some leaders invite the employees to ‘change’, but this seldom works.

Another approach Read more

T is for Being A Trusted Advisor

There are many ways to help people. One approach is to be a good trusted advisor. This article is based on the workshops I run for organisations that want their people to act Read more

P is for Putting Yourself Into Situations Where You Are Fully Present  

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to put yourself into situations where you feel fully present. Looking at your life and work, when does this happen for you? Here Read more

D is for The Development Approach Rather Than The Change Approach Delivering The Desired Results  

The development approach believes that people already have the seeds of development within them. They already have strengths and successful patterns. They can be helped to build on these – plus sometimes add other Read more

S is for Seven Steps For Helping A Person To Step Up And Succeed  

Many organisations want their people to step up. They want them to be self-motivated, develop their skills and deliver success. Some organisations approach this in a structured way whilst others do it in Read more

A is for Aiming To Be An Altruist, Artist, Architect, Artisan Or Achiever  

There are many ways to do fine work. You may choose to follow the way of being an altruist, artist, architect, artisan or an achiever. Sometimes you may also combine elements of each role.

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E is for Ease, Effectiveness And Excellence In Situations Where There Is An Edge

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to focus on being at ease, being effective and delivering excellence in situations where there is an edge.

Some people thrive in stimulating Read more

T is for Being Highly Tuned

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to make sure you are highly tuned and use your talents to do tremendous work. This increases the chances of delivering high performances.

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P is for The Positive History Approach To Getting Positive Results    

There are many ways to live life. One approach is for people to learn from their positive history and to follow their positive patterns to get positive results.

Everybody has a positive history. Everybody Read more