The Art of Strengths Coaching

P is for People Being Positive And Predictable Rather Than Negative And Unpredictable  

There are many ways to support people. One approach is to be positive and predictable rather than to be negative and unpredictable.

Parents and leaders often take the positive approach when encouraging others to Read more

A is for The Assets Approach rather than The Angst Approach

People can choose their attitude in life. They can, for example, choose to focus on the assets approach or the angst approach. The choice they make has consequences – both for themselves and for Read more

F is for The Flowing Way  

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to flow, focus, do fine work, finish and, as a by-product, sometimes find fulfilment. Different people take these steps in different ways.

You Read more

S is for Scanning On The Way Towards Achieving Success  

Superb workers focus on the specific activity in which they can excel. They continually go through the process of scanning to see the big picture and see patterns. They select their chosen strategy and Read more

S is for The Sage’s Way

Sages are generous and like to share knowledge with people. They are often like good educators. They love to encourage and enable people to succeed.

They are many ways to be a sage. One Read more

S is for Seizing The Day

Great workers choose when they want to seize the day. They then aim to be positive and perform superbly. They take this approach rather than postpone the day.

Different people choose different ways to Read more

A is for The Five A Model For Achievement

There are many models for understanding how people can do superb work. One approach is to clarify how they rate in the areas of attitude, ability, application, adventure and achievement.

Imagine that you are Read more

P is for Supporting The Positive Spirit In People

There are many ways to help people to reach their goals. Sometimes I am asked how I try to do this my work. There is a professional answer to this question, which is that Read more

D is for Doing What You Do Best And The Decision Making And Doing Skills For Delivering Success  

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to do what you do best. It is then to keep developing the decision making skills and the doing skills required to deliver Read more

P is for People Who Spread Positivity During Their Time On The Planet  

People can choose to spread positivity or negativity during their time on the planet. The choice they make has consequences for both themselves and other people.

People who take the first route are often Read more