G is for Don Greene: Helping People To Perform Under Pressure

Don helps performing artists, athletes and others to perform at their best – even when under pressure. A deeply compassionate person, his work embodies the qualities of profound simplicity.

Many people will have heard about techniques such as Centering, employing their right brain and applying positive scripting. Don provides many practical tools that people can use to put these ideas into action in real life situations. They can then build on these to achieve peak performance.

Performance Mastery

You can discover more about his work with performing artists, athletes and other people at the following website.


Much of Don’s work is done in one to one sessions, either in person or via Skype. Some of these sessions are done on the spot, when a person may be facing a tough challenge.

Some of the work is done beforehand. People can explore inventories that highlight various aspects of performance. These lead to developing skills in many areas, including the following.

Building Determination
Maintaining Poise
Managing Emotions
Improving Concentration
Building Resilience
Improving Self-talk
Focusing Beyond Distractions
Building Courage
Recovering From Mistakes
Becoming Mentally Tough
Channelling Performance Energy

Don then helps people to build on their strengths and develop skills for tackling the areas for improvement. Here is Don’s biography from one of his websites.


In my 25 year career, I’ve worked with all kinds of people struggling to do their best under extreme pressure.

These have included police SWAT officers, professional golfers, Grand Prix drivers, Olympic athletes, conductors, instrumentalists, singers, dancers, and actors.

I am no stranger to pressure myself. As a champion diver, West Point graduate, Army Ranger and Green Beret, I know what extreme stress can do to performance.

I earned my doctorate in sports psychology at U.S. International University in San Diego.

My dissertation demonstrated that the sports psychology technique of Centering could significantly improve the performance of police SWAT officers in life-or-death shooting situations.

My research led me to develop the Performance Skills Inventory (PSI), an assessment tool that has proved critical in helping performing artists.

The first musicians who took an early form of the PSI (the Artist’s Performance Survey) and applied my success strategies won auditions for the Houston Symphony and the Chicago Lyric Opera. Transcription of my training sessions with them culminated in my first book, Audition Success.

After several more clients went on to win prestigious positions with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the Syracuse Symphony, I was invited to teach at The Juilliard School and The New World Symphony.

Performance Success was an outgrowth of my graduate class at Juilliard and master class series at the New World Symphony.

After working with Merrill Lynch executives on Wall Street, I wrote Fight Your Fear and Win, to train business executives and public speakers, as well as athletes and performing artists.

Fight the fear and win

Now living in San Diego, I continue working one-on-one with performing artists. I completed the Centering Training Series last year, and recently finished Performance Mastery.

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