H is for Edward Hallowell: Enabling People To Shine


Edward, who is known as ‘Ned’, is a child and adult psychiatrist. You can discover more about his work at his web site.


In the video he explains several themes in his book Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People.

This describes how employers can enable people to do their best by focusing on what he calls The Cycle of Excellence.

Ned believes it is important to follow five steps in order to enable people to perform fine work. Here is how these are explained on his site.



Put the right people in the right job, and give them responsibilities that ‘light up’ their brain.


Strengthen interpersonal bonds among team members.


Help people unleash their imaginations at work.

Grapple and Grow

When the pressure is on, enable employees to achieve mastery of their work.


Use the right rewards to promote loyalty and stoke your people’s desire to excel.

Bob Morris, an independent consultant and respected book reviewer, has written an excellent overview of the book.

Here are some extracts from his review. You can find this at:


How to “find and mine the gold that resides in everyone”

I agree with Edward Hallowell: “Put simply, the best managers bring out the best from their people.

This is true of football coaches, orchestra conductors, big-company executives, and small-business owners.

They are like alchemists who turn lead into gold. Put more accurately, they find and mine the gold that resides in everyone.”

Of course, that is also a worthy objective for managers: to find and mine the “gold” within themselves as well as within others…and then refine it.

Hallowell suggests a five-step process “to ignite peak performance.” He devotes a separate chapter to each step.

1) Select high potentials and align their strengths with the work for which they are best suited.

2) Establish and then continue to strengthen connections with those who are managed as well as between and among them.

3) Ensure that the work environment is one that stimulates and nourishes “imaginative engagement” (i.e. play).

4) Create conditions in which people are encouraged to “grapple and grow” by taking prudent risks that are exciting learning opportunities.

5) Do anything and everything possible to help me “shine” with pride in what they have achieved, joy in having done it with pleasure, and confidence that that this “Cycle of Excellence” will be self-perpetuating.

With rigor and eloquence, Hallowell carefully reviews and discusses the latest research on brain science to get the best from one’s self and others; however, he focuses most of his attention on explaining HOW to do that.

You can discover more about Bob’s reviews for Amazon and others at:


Here again is the link to the specific page on Ned’s site that talks about Shine.



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