G is for Girltank: Encouraging Women Changemakers Across The World

Girltank aims to encourage women and girls to use their talents and energy to shape the future world. Here is an introduction from their web site.

Who we are

We’re girltank. We are a network of 1,500+ women social entrepreneurs and changemakers from all over the world. And we’re shaking things up!

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship. We believe in the necessity of teamwork. We believe in the genius of the crowd.

But most importantly, we believe in women and girls.

We believe that passionate, inspired, committed women and girls have the next BIG ideas that will change the world!

We’re a diverse team, committed and passionate about empowering women and girls through innovative solutions.

You can discover more about the people here:


What we do

Our mission is to inspire, connect and fund female social entrepreneurs and changemakers who have bold and transformative social innovation projects.


Our multimedia library shares best practices, advice and the inspira- tions of female change- makers with each other, the next generation of social entrepreneurs and society at-large.


Our think tank houses our capacity-building course and workshops, and connects change- makers to each other and to the social entre- preneurial eco-system.


Our crowdfunding platform provides social entrepreneurs and changemakers with an online method to secure funding for their ventures.

The Problem

We interviewed a sample of 1,500 female social entrepreneurs from over 100 countries who all said they faced these same two BIG problems:

1. Access to capital

Women and girls have trouble accessing capital and building critical capacity skills that are necessary to create viable business models, launch sustainable ventures and secure backing from funders.

2. Isolation and Feelings of loneliness

Female changemakers often deal with isolation and feelings of loneliness due to gender discrimination, disempowering cultural and religious beliefs and little or no access to technology and information.

Our Theory of Change


You can discover more at their web site, which also describes many of the projects.



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