G is for Global Explorers: Helping People Become Global Citizens

Global Explorers encourages people to be global citizens. It does this by providing educational journeys and other experiences that widen people’s horizons.

Here are excerpts from the organisation’s website. You can discover more via the following link.


About Us

At Global Explorers, we invite you to unleash your potential to do good in the world. How? By sending you on a mindset shattering expedition that will encourage you to live a life that matters.

Global Explorers is a nonprofit organization with a mission of inspiring responsible global citizenship. 

We provide transformative journeys for students and educators, primarily middle and high school. 

We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible to people from diverse backgrounds and students with diverse abilities.

Global Explorers recently joined forces with No Barriers USA to create a nonprofit organization that now serves not only students! 

The mission of No Barriers USA is to unleash the potential of the human spirit. 

By providing transformative experiences that empower people to embrace a “no barriers” mindset, all of our No Barriers programs help people.


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What You Learn

We broaden your mindset… Your skillset is about what you can do. Your mindset is about what you see, think, and believe and, ultimately, what you can accomplish.

Mindset underlies everything you do.  Through meaningful experiences, compelling dialogue, inspirational people and challenging questions…

You’ll begin to notice a shift in the way you think about the world and yourself.

A Variety of Approaches

Global Explorers provide many different programmes that widen young people’s horizons. This include, for example, Leading The Way. Here is the website’s description of that programme.

Developed in partnership with world-renowned blind mountaineer and Global Explorers Board member Erik Weihenmayer, our Leading the Way program unites students of mixed abilities on incredible adventures around the world.

Participants gain unparalleled skills as leaders who focus on building a shared vision, encouraging independence and teamwork, learning from mistakes, questioning assumptions, promoting trust and embracing adversity.

You can discover more about that at the link below.


Learning AFAR

Here is the official introduction to this video about these educational journeys.

LearningAFAR is designed to promote cross cultural exchange by sponsoring international travel for students who cannot otherwise afford to experience another part of the world.

In partnership with Global Explorers and with support from the Pearson Foundation, Schlumberger and Wimmer Solutions, Learning AFAR integrates science, service, leadership, literacy and culture in a 3-phase program that includes pre-travel curriculum, a life-changing travel experience, and a follow-up service leadership project.

Here is a longer explanation about the programme from the Global Explorers website.

Leading the way

Call To Adventure

The Global Explorers journey begins with you answering our call to adventure. It’s a call that asks you to step outside your comfort zone and explore the world with curiosity. You choose one of our programs and then move onto Thoughtful Preparation.

Thoughtful Preparation

Provocative lessons, facilitated by your teacher or one of our staff, activate new ideas and prepare you in the months leading up to the transformative expedition.

Meanwhile, our dedicated staff manages logistics so seamlessly making it easy to get ready for your expedition.

Transformative Expeditions

Outrageously exceptional leaders bring you to extraordinary places where you meet inspirational people. You’ll learn about science, culture, leadership and community service as you explore.

Meaningful returns

With your mindset shifted, you are poised to take action, transformed into what we call a No Barriers Ambassador, forever seeking ways to live a life that matters.

You can discover more at the Global Explorers Blog.


The Global Explorers
Three Phase Program Model


Global Explorers’ user-friendly preparatory curriculum and support materials are customized to your destination.

We offer fun but challenging activities designed to provoke questions and critical thinking while improving global knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Experts from such diverse organizations as the Peace Corps, the Jane Goodall Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership and the World Wildlife Fund assisted with the development of our curriculum.


The time spent on your expedition is designed to inspire responsible global citizenship. This is not a sight-seeing tour.

Our small group expeditions foster meaningful and challenging discussions, engage students in service and develop important civic and leadership skills.

Educators can customize programs to meet their targeted educational goals.


The Global Explorers experience continues in your own community after your expedition is over.

Participants take a leadership role in designing and implementing a service project that makes a positive difference post-travel.

Below is a video in which Kelly Mitchell describes her experiences on one journey. This involved young people pursuing an expedition in the Grand Canyon.

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