T is for Homa Tavangar: Helping Children To Grow Up Global

Homa grew up with the awareness of being a global citizen. Born in Iran, she has lived in East and West Africa, South America and throughout the U.S. She speaks four languages and her religious heritage includes four of the world’s major faiths.

Homa has advised organisations and governments involved in international work. But she also wanted to create something that would enable children to appreciate both the diversity and oneness on Earth. Here is a slide she often uses when giving seminars.

The Earth from Space

Homa went on to create a book that parents could use to educate their children about other cultures around the world. Here are excerpts from a description of the book, which you can find on her website.



This book helps parents to raise children with a global perspective.

Not all families can travel overseas to expose their children to world cultures, but they can start engaging with the world right in their own home communities. This hands-on book helps to begin that process.

While all recognize that training our children to understand and operate in the world is crucial, they have no model to accomplish this daunting task.

With their encouragement, I supplement the results of those interviews and of my own experiences with the best of websites, films, CDs, books, magazines and service activities.

The result is Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be At Home in the World, a timely book which breaks the process down into fun, easy-to-understand concepts.

Each chapter forms a unique adventure without having to purchase airplane tickets, from celebrating Diwali to eating ugali.

The book utilizes anecdotes of diverse experiences, particularly from regions that make the news but perplex many Americans.

It shares some statistics and global trends, and quote from literature on relevant topics utilizing sidebars, insets, graphics, and other tools to make the reading appealing to a general audience.

Growing Up Global helps adults grappling with questions of how their children will fit in a world that on the level of technology and business is increasingly inter-connected, but in politics, religion, and culture seems more polarized.

Families using the book will gain a greater understanding of some of the vast changes in a shrinking world.

They will grow closer to each other while they engage in activities that demonstrate the experiences and preferences of their peers around the world.

Children who are comfortable in the globalized world gain a distinct edge in competitive environments, and ultimately, become better-adjusted and more confident adults.

Here is a link to a web page that has an interview with Homa about encouraging global children.


Homa on TV

You can read more about Homa’s work through her blog, which you can find at the link below. Below that is a link to a talk that she gave at TEDxNYED.


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