I is for Imperative And The Purpose Economy

Imperative is a pioneering organisation. It designs products, strategies and experiences to help organisations and communities to measure and manage what matters. It is also at the forefront of helping people to focus on changes in our societies.

Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative, has described many of these changes in his book The Purpose Economy. You can find links to this book at the end of the article.

Here are excerpts from Imperative’s website. You can discover more via the following link.


About Imperative

We design the research, tools and programs that enable organizations to unearth insight and create new value for their people.

Powering The Purpose Economy

Fifty years after the information economy emerged, we are now nearing the tipping point of a new economy – the Purpose Economy.

Just as information changed the way we conduct business, this new focus on purpose is again forcing us to re-examine how we lead, manage and market organizations.

Purpose Economy Reasons

Why We’re Here

We believe the organizations that embrace the new Purpose Economy will dominate the market and also represent the greatest hope for addressing our imminent social and environmental challenges.

We are all in this together

The challenges of today require radical collaboration across sectors. We work together with businesses, non-profits and governments to solve the world’s problems in more intentional and effective ways.

Human capital is our greatest untapped resource

We believe in leveraging the power of human and social capital to create authentic and meaningful change. We identify and cultivate leadership, build community around that leadership and build power out of that community.

Impact evaluation is just the beginning

In order to optimize impact we must do more than just measure it. We bring data to life by not only asking what, but why.

Good design is social design

We believe that all design should prioritize people in its process and outcomes. Our tools and programs are designed for communities and organizations to thrive.

We share what we learn with the world

The stakes are high, the opportunities great and we believe collaboration is essential. We build a culture of transparency so that we can share and learn together.

What We Do

We enable forward-looking organizations to measure and maximize the purpose and well-being of their employees, customers, and communities.

Grow Ideas

We leverage emerging research and engage community partnerships to explore and accelerate new ideas for impact

Design Programs

We apply human-centered design and community organizing to develop programs that create new sources of value and deeply engage people in the process and outcome

Build Tools

We design accessible and integrated tools and frameworks for organizations to continuously measure, create and maximize positive value

How We Work

We design tools and programs for leaders who see their employees and customers as more than numbers.

Each phase of our process engages our design team, domain experts and our academic partners to develop scalable, measurable impact on the success of our partners, their employees, customers and community.


 The Purpose Economy

What will drive our next economy? The agrarian economy lasted 8,000 years. The industrial economy dominated for 150 years. The information economy emerged 50 years ago. What will be next?

In his new book, The Purpose Economy, leading social entrepreneur Aaron Hurst predicts that purpose will supplant information as the core driver of our economy, exploring everything from how to move markets in the Purpose Economy to maximizing purpose in your career.


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