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D is for Jason Drew: Repairing The Future Through Sustainability

Jason is recognised as a pioneering green entrepreneur. In the video above he responds to winning the Africa Innovation Foundation’s Award for best innovation in 2013.


He believes the Sustainability Revolution is replacing the Industrial Revolution. This revolution may well be powered by capitalists who have a certain kind of ethic. Jason says on his website:

Previously people talked about win-win business deals – they were naïve – the environment always lost.

We will soon talk about win-win-win deals – really sustainable business, for all our futures!


Below is another video of Jason, this time talking at TED. Here is the official description of the talk.

Jason Drew is an international business leader, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of a JSE listed business he founded. Following two heart attacks he retired early and became an eco-entrepreneur, futurist, and author.

Born in London, Jason has studied at the European Business School and has lived and worked all over the world before moving to South Africa eight years ago.

He collects medieval English pewter and contemporary South African art. He is a passionate polo player and enjoys flying, as well as opera and rock.

His talk explores the end to the Industrial revolution and the dawn of the sustainability revolution. New technologies and businesses are emerging that are busy repairing our future. How business and environmentalists work together will determine nothing less than the future of mankind.

A personal look at some of his amazing and unusual green businesses from mosquitoes to trucks – from Africa’s leading eco-entrepreneur.

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