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L is for Lumiar Schools: Developing Innovative Approaches To Education

Ricardo Semler became famous for his business books such as Maverick. These described the radical management approach that was employed in his company Semco. You can learn more about Semco’s portfolio via the following link.


Ricardo also created the Ralston-Semler Foundation, which founded the Lumiar Schools in Brazil. These aim to encourage meaningful learning, democratic interactions and the autonomy of each individual.

Below are excerpts from the English version of their website. You can discover more via the following link to Lumiar International.


About The School

Lumiar is an innovative, future-oriented school.

In recent a survey jointly conducted by Unesco, Stanford University and Microsoft, Lumiar has been chosen as one of the 12 most Innovative Schools in the World (the only one in Brazil).

The survey assessed hundreds of schools around the globe with the purpose of putting in place a supporting program in which such schools relying on state-of-the-art technology and with an eye to the future could work together despite their diverse cultures.

Even in this shortlist of 12 innovative schools participating in the program, Lumiar ranked first. Working with English paves the way for Lumiar to enter this universe of educational innovation for our children.


Devised and created by the entrepreneur Ricardo Semler, Lumiar School was established in São Paulo in 2003.

After this successful initiative, Lumiar International was set up in 2009 in the city of Santo Antônio do Pinhal.

From the very beginning, Lumiar Institute was assigned the mission of thinking up the educational proposal of the school and ensuring that the educational practice never drifts away from the original proposal.

Lumiar 2


Although Lumiar’s curriculum uses the Brazilian Curriculum Standards as a reference, it is actually built collaboratively with the learners themselves.

Lumiar School encourages student’s autonomy and, at the same time, encourages students to be accountable for their choices, decisions and actions.

During the Projects, Workshops and Learning Modules, each one reveals their individuality in the collective environment.

Educators at Lumiar International are organized into two groups:

Tutors, who provide guidance and assistance to a group of students during their activities and interact both with them and with their parents;

Masters, who specialize in several fields of knowledge and are responsible for planning and coordinating learning projects, evaluating the development of the competences and skills of the students who take part in these projects.

Working as a team, masters and tutors rely on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enrich individual and collective learnings.

The democratic participation, which is the participative management in all activities and situations, is brought into life by means of the CIRCLE, a general meeting held by the community on a weekly basis with the purpose of reinforcing the democratic guiding principles at all levels.

You can learn more via the following link.

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1 comment to L is for Lumiar Schools: Developing Innovative Approaches To Education

  • Karen Kaouk

    Dear friends,

    i am verry happy to see what an emazing school conzept you have in Brazil. Some years ago I visitid an equal school conzept in russia which has been based on the personal responsibility of the children for organizing theire learning process and handicraft work. Unfortunally the founder M.P. Schetenin died last year, so we can contact him any more about the concept.
    We are an new foundet social society which is planig to build a new kind of school in Germany. We are very interested to know more about your concept.
    Ricardo Semler said in a TED Talk, that you would give the conzept of the lumiar school to interested people. It would be great, if you could do that for us or you would tell us where we could get this informations from.
    We thank you in advance and which you all the best for your great mission.
    Karen Kaouk

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