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B is for Oli Barrett: Bringing People Together To Do Great Work

Oli is a remarkable encourager and connector who brings people together to do great work.

The video above is from the launch of Start Up Britain, which he co-founded with Michael Hayman. Here is a selection of some other ventures that he helps to drive.

The Clean and Cool Mission

Clean and Cool Missions help pioneering early stage UK cleantech companies grow their businesses faster in overseas markets.

Clean technology is integral to the future growth of economies around the world facing challenges such as urbanisation, resource efficiency and climate change adaptation.

Our Missions help the UK’s most promising cleantech companies rapidly build connections, insight and profile so that they can successfully provide solutions, create partnerships and gain investment.

Make Your Mark With A Tenner

Here is some background about Oli, which you can find on the following site.

Oli is a Director and founder of The Co-Sponsorship Agency, and is passionate about creating compelling connections between organisations and people in support of enterprise and social action.

His past achievements include starting Make Your Mark with a Tenner (now known as Tenner Tycoon), the scheme which challenges students to see what they can achieve in just a month, starting with £10.

Supporters include Peter Jones and the Big Lottery Fund and, to date, more than 50,000 young people across the UK have taken part.

Described by Wired Magazine as “the most connected man in Britain”, Oli brought Speednetworking to the UK and has hosted events in 12 countries.

He came up with Speednetwork The Globe, a signature activity of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which has resulted in events in over 40 countries.

He also leads regular trade missions overseas, helping British companies to pitch for funding and explore business links and opportunities.

Oli’s earlier entrepreneurial career included a student headhunting business, an international language practice website (sold in 2008) and a sock subscription website, which now exports to more than 15 countries.

He spent two years on the Prime Minister’s Council on Social Action, exploring ways in which public, private and third sectors can work better together.

Here is some more information about The Cosponsership Agency, which is taken from their site.

Our approach is about ‘solving problems worth solving’ in creative, compelling ways which   delight government, charities and causes, and generate rich business, marketing and social responsibility opportunities for companies and brands.

At The Co-Sponsorship Agency, we create and deliver social action projects that are enabled and co-funded by private, public and third sector organisations working in collaboration.

By ‘social action’ we mean projects that inspire, mobilise and benefit communities and society at large – and most of our work is focused in areas like education and training, social enterprise, health and sport, volunteering and community-cohesion.

We also work largely, but not exclusively, with youth audiences.

Our clients and partners comprise a mix of brands, companies, government and other public sector organisations, charities and causes – both in the UK and internationally – and our services range from strategic consultancy, idea generation and partnership brokering through to ‘on the ground’ activation and delivery.

What makes us different

We have very strong existing cross-sector connections and relationships

We have a track record in combining brands, causes and public sector organisations in compelling, successful alliances

We are more than match-makers – we originate rich, creative ideas and also activate projects on the ground

Here is the 2009 article from Wired Magazine, which describes some of Oli’s work at that time.

Below is a more informal interview with Oli. You can also find more information on his personal web site.

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