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O is for One Earth Designs: Products Living In Harmony With The Earth

One Earth Designs aims to create products that enable people to live in harmony with the planet. One example is the SolSource technology that they have created to provide energy for households in many countries.

Below are excerpts from the organisation’s website. You can discover more via the following link.



We are a self-motivated multidisciplinary team of scientific engineers, practical thinkers and creative designers, drawn together by a common passion to bring social and environmental innovations to people around the world.

We only have this One Earth, and it is our collective responsibility to design a world that lives in harmony with nature, and that future generations can continue to enjoy.

What Are Our Core Values?

We believe that our contributions to society should bring about positive progress to leave the world a better place.

Development need not come at the cost of health, either of people or the environment.

On the contrary, it should enrich communities by bringing lifestyle improvements, and play a part in recuperating our struggling planet.

For too long now we have been over-depleting our resources, and creating systems that rely on wasteful habits.

By connecting communities and understanding our natural environment, we can through rapid learning and experimentation, be the catalyst for positive change.

Through innovation, education and design, we want to empower people to take responsibility and be proactive in improving their lifestyles to live harmoniously on Earth.

What Is Our Current Focus?

To bring to homes around the world a complete energy suite that is clean, convenient and renewable, reducing global reliance on polluting solid fuels.

Using SolSource technology to harness heat from the sun to meet the energy needs of households in developed and developing countries.

Our dream is to build a future where resources are generated and waste processed cleanly at a household level.

Working alongside people in rural communities, we are combining valuable local knowledge with modern design thinking to create convenient and accessible products that are in harmony with people and nature.


Inspired by the problem of indoor pollution from household stoves faced by rural families in China, SolSource was developed in collaboration with Himalayan families.

Five years and thirteen prototype generations later, SolSource is already providing hundreds of rural families with cleaner air in their homes, reducing their fuel gathering time and energy costs.

SolSource is the first of a growing range of products that will bring innovative and clean energy solutions to people around the world.

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