P is for Patrick Philpott: Visionpath Education

Patrick is the founder and Managing Director of Visionpath Education and the creator of the SKILL! Programme.

Having started his first business in 2005 when aged 16, he was invited to speak at an entrepreneurship programme for young people in 2007.

This experience showed Patrick there was an opportunity to create a programme where young people could learn vital soft skills through focused enterprise learning.

He started Visionpath in 2008 during his A-level studies. He began partnering with employers to create inspiring learning experiences for young people that would enhance their employability and career aspirations.

This led to devising and launching the SKILL! Programme. The video above offers a glimpse into one of the many types of workshops that are provided for young people.

Here are excerpts from the official website. You can discover more via the following link.



About Us

Visionpath Education works with top employers to create inspiring learning programmes, where professionals develop core skills by helping young people learn key skills for the future.

Since Visionpath was founded in 2008, we have developed a range of ready-made and bespoke programmes that enable professionals and students to collaborate in challenging, yet rewarding and inspiring development experiences where they can share skills and knowledge and learn from each other.

Our programmes enable professional development through youth development.

We aim to equip young people with essential skills that employers are looking for, whilst supporting professionals to develop a range of core skills that can improve their effectiveness in the workplace, improve their motivation and wellbeing, and enhance career progression.

Our partners include top employers in sectors ranging from accountancy, banking and law, to engineering, support services and media.

We work with businesses ranging in size, from FTSE100 market-leaders through to high-growth SMEs, all seeking to invest in their staff and make a lasting difference to the progression of young people from challenging backgrounds.


Since 2008, we have worked with over 1500 young people through programmes across the UK.

Our flagship programme is SKILL!, a programme of intensive one-day workshops delivered by expert trainers, where professionals and students join forces to devise and pitch ideas that tackle social issues.

The programme presents a high-energy development opportunity for time-constrained professionals, enabling them to build their skills by supporting the development of young people from challenging backgrounds.

The SKILL! Programme

Our workshops are high-energy one-day learning experiences delivered by expert facilitators and trainers, with professionals from our corporate partners taking on the role of mentors, aiding students’ learning throughout the programme. 

SKILL! also enjoys the support of many successful entrepreneurs, who inspire students and provide insight and expertise to support their learning.

We work in partnership with leading organisations in the City of London, including Addleshaw Goddard, Europe Arab Bank, FTI Consulting, Milbank, Oriel Securities, Osborne Clarke, PwC, Simmons & Simmons and Standard Bank. 

More information can be found under the Our Partners section.

Here is a video from 2010 in which Patrick talks about how the SKILL! workshops can help young people to experience their own light bulb moments.

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