G is for The Giving Library: A Vast Resource For Philanthropists

The Giving Library provides a vast resource for philanthropists who are looking to support specific types of organisations.

It is part of The Laura and John Arnold Foundation. You discover more about the Foundation via the following link.


Philanthropists are extremely resourceful, but it can take time to research the organisations they wish to support. Today there are also an increasing number of pioneering ventures that aim to tackle challenges in the world.

Giving Library Logo

The Giving Library provides information and videos about ventures in many different fields. These include, for example, education, health, human rights, government, justice and other humanitarian issues.

Here are excerpts from its website, together with selected videos. You can discover more via the following link.


About the Giving Library

The Giving Library offers philanthropists an innovative way to enhance their strategic charitable giving.

Donors can explore our online archive of video interviews to locate, study, compare and engage with hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country.

The Giving Library also serves nonprofit organizations by enhancing donor access through a compelling medium, increasing overall visibility, and providing an opportunity to learn about peer organizations across the country.

A Letter from the Founders

Dear Friends,

As philanthropists, we are all faced with the challenge of how to “give smart” – how to make informed and impactful decisions with respect to our giving.

This is the driving force behind the Giving Library, an online tool for philanthropists to practically and efficiently explore a large number of giving opportunities.

In this collection of videos, leaders of nonprofit organizations from across the country convey compelling information about each organization’s mission, objectives and needs.

We hope that your visit to the Giving Library will spark discussions with or about these organizations or a greater interest in the issues that they seek to address, and we hope you find the site useful in your own efforts at strategic charitable giving.

Thank you for visiting The Giving Library.


Laura and John Arnold

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