K is for The Kindness Offensive

The Kindness Offensive are a group of people who focus on doing acts of kindness. Here are some extracts from their web site.

We are The Kindness Offensive (or TKO for short) and we think the time has come for kindness to rule the world!

We’re not a religion, company, charity or official group of any sort; we are a group of friends and like-minded people.

In 2008 the three founding members of TKO headed out of their front door to see what they, as ordinary people, could do to make the world a better place.

(We’ll be honest, back then they were pretty pessimistic about what was actually possible).

Since that day, TKO has grown into a group with thousands of volunteers and dozens of corporate sponsors.

Together, we’ve given away over £3,500,000 worth of goods, created loads of events and made videos that have generated millions-upon-millions of hits, as well as receiving oodles of wide-spread media coverage throughout the UK and abroad.

One of our founding members (David Goodfellow) has even been recognised by The Independent’s ‘Happy List’, a list of the 100 people most responsible for making Britain a happier place to live!

You can read more about The Kindness Offensive here.



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