K is for Elizabeth Kiss: Shiny Things And Shining Things

Elizabeth Kiss, President of Agnes Scott College, was invited to give this talk in a Last Lecture Series.

In it she explores the difference between pursuing two different paths. People can choose to focus on Shiny Things or Shining Things. Here is the difference.

Shiny Things.

These are shiny and attractive – such as material objects, prizes or status. But these become obsolete.

They only shine in a particular context. They do not travel well.

Certainly it is okay to strive for some of them, such as working hard to reach a particular goal. But achieving them may not provide lasting happiness.

Shining Things.

These are the eternal qualities that shine from within, such as being caring and compassionate.

They are embodied in doing work that makes your heart sing and that also enriches the lives of other people.

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