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This website explores how we can encourage people in our daily lives and work. Building on the strengths approach, it provides many practical tools that people can use to achieve their picture of success.

Many people like to go further, however, and focus on specific ways they can apply these tools. Bearing this in mind, Mike Pegg continues to work with individuals, teams and organisations that want to achieve ongoing success. You can learn more about the approach in The Art of Strengths Coaching.


Mike continues to provide one-to-one mentoring. Different people obviously explore different themes in these sessions, but here are some themes that are covered. The sessions provides practical tools that people can use:

To clarify their picture of success
To build on their strengths whilst managing the consequences of any weaknesses
To pursue practical strategies.
To perform superb work.
To find solutions to specific challenges
To build super teams and superb organisations
To achieve their picture of success

The Super Team Workshop

Super teams start by building on their strengths and clarifying their picture of success. They then translate this into a compelling story, strategy and road to success.

Such teams are made up of people who want to be positive, professional and peak performers. They choose to opt in and make clear contracts about their best contribution towards delivering the goals.

Super teams co-ordinate people’s strengths to perform superb work. They overcome setbacks and find solutions to challenges. People do whatever is required to achieve the picture of success.

This workshop provides practical tools that people can use:

To clarify the team’s story, strategy and road to success.
To make clear contracts about each person’s contribution towards achieving the goals.
To enable people to perform superb work.
To find creative solutions to challenges.
To continue to achieve ongoing success.

If you are interested in getting more information or working with Mike, please email him. He often responds within 6 hours on a normal working day.

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