K is for Tim Krupa: Understanding Children’s Happiness

Tim is a science graduate who aims to bring about positive change in the world. You can read more about him via the following link.


He starts this TedxYouth talk by inviting people to rate their own happiness. He then asks them to consider whether children in Africa, for example, are as happy as children in countries that are financially richer.

Most parents say they would like their children to be happy, says Tim. But scientists and psychologists are only just beginning to take a serious look at this topic.

Tim embarked on his own research by travelling to Zambia. There he pursued a project that involved creating soccer clubs. The lessons learned in these could be transferred to enabling young people to take care of their health.


This work encouraged Tim to explore positive psychology. He found that children in Zambia and Canada had similar levels of happiness. But the elements that created these feelings were different.

Richer countries can provide more financial stability and health provision. These can provide a platform that, when complemented with encouragement, can increase happiness.

The children in Zambia also enjoyed their connection with their families at being part of communities. At the same time, they enjoyed a sense of connection with nature.

Tim concludes by asking us to consider what we can learn from different countries that will enable people to shape their future happiness.

Tim says that he is obviously setting out on his career. Wherever it leads him, however, he aims to follow his passion and bring about positive change in the world.

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