D is for Alec And Mora Dickson: The Joy Of Being Able To Serve

Many people have encouraged others to use their strengths. These people have come from many different fields. They have been educators, leaders, managers, coaches, therapists, carers, social activists and others.

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L is for George Lyward: His Pioneering Work With Young People

George Lyward was a charismatic educationalist who lived between 1894 and and 1973. He is best known for achieving outstanding results at Finchden Manor, a therapeutic community for disturbed boys.

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Prostate Awareness 10: Date Set For The Operation

Mark Emberton did a Template Guided Biopsy on me on September 14. This is a more accurate form of biopsy than many other methods. Here is information about such a biopsy, though mine was Read more

Prostate Awareness 9: A Key Message For Men – Do An MRI First, Then A Biopsy

Today met up with Professor Mark Emberton and got some interesting news. The illness still diagnosed as being at Stage One, but other factors have emerged. These findings have highlighted the importance Read more