Choosing To Follow Positive Philosophies

This section provides an introduction to some of the many philosophies and principles that contain elements of the positive encourager’s approach.

The articles do not necessarily endorse all aspects of the philosophies. But these are included because they have made a contribution to encouraging people.

B is for Building Bridges For Peace

Sometimes you hear a message that stops you in your tracks. You have an experience that shows you how good human beings can be.

Many people have this feeling when listening to Jo Berry Read more

R is for Roots Of Empathy: Changing The World, Child By Child

Mary Gordon created Roots of Empathy. The organisation’s mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

The programme involves bringing a local baby into Read more

R is for Babette Rothschild’s Superb Work Providing Safe Trauma Therapy

Babette has helped many people to deal with traumas. Her work combines kindness, wisdom and practical tools.

She believes that safe trauma therapy aims to improve a client’s quality of life. You can discover Read more

S is for Virginia Satir: A Pioneering Family Therapist Who Helped People To Grow

Virginia was one of the pioneers of family therapy. She also created many concepts that have been used to build healthy families, teams and organisations.

She enabled many people to grow. She believed in Read more

S is for Martin Seligman: His Work On Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman is recognised as one of the key figures in the growth of positive psychology. In the video above he gives an introduction to the approach.

His work led to creating the Positive Read more

R is for Tom Rath: His Work On Strengths And Health

Tom has made an enormous contribution to helping people to build on their strengths and also take care of their health.

His books include StrengthsFinder 2.0, Strengths Based Leadership, Wellbeing and Eat Move Sleep: Read more

A is for Thomas Armstrong: His Pioneering Work In Education

Thomas Armstrong has helped thousands of people to find their natural talents. His books are inspiring and also extremely practical. They enable readers to find and develop their intelligences.

Whilst his books often focus Read more

S is for E.F. Schumacher And Small Is Beautiful

Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and beautiful. E.F. Schumacher.

E.F. Schumacher produced inspiring models and practical tools that empowered people to Read more

P is for Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi: Helping People Fulfil Their Potential

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was a Swiss educator and social reformer who had a profound influence on education.

Living between 1746 and 1827, he created several educational communities and also wrote popular books, such as Read more

P is for Christopher Peterson: His Work On Positive Psychology

Christopher was one of the giants of positive psychology and did pioneering work in the field.

He produced two prodigious books that helped to establish the approach. These are A Primer In Positive Psychology Read more