The Positive Encourager Website Media Page

Here are links to videos and interviews in which Mike describes aspects of the encouragement approach. Some also provide background to his own work.

The Strengths Approach – Mike being interviewed by John Steinberg

The Positive Encourager Podcast

Richmond Stace has done a series of interviews with positive encouragers. Here is his interview with Mike.

Positive Chats – Interview with Mike Pegg

Music Talks – Being interviewed by Terry Smith

Part 1

Part 2

The Positive Encourager’s E-Book

Mike’s free e-book The Positive Encourager’s Book can be downloaded by people from this website.

Here are several videos in which Katie Ledger interviews him about various themes in the book:

The Satisfying Work Approach

The Positive Team Approach

The Mentoring Approach

The Escape To Fulfilment Film

Excerpts from this 1972 Film about Mike’s work in a therapeutic community.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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