C is for Creativity, Customers And Cash

Imagine you have lots of creative ideas. Some you may want to translate into a service or product that helps other people. Some you may even want to turn into cash. Let’s Read more

G is for Richard Gerver: Enabling People To Fulfil Their Potential

Richard became known for his pioneering work as Head of Grange Primary School, Long Eaton, UK. Previously seen as failing, the school was transformed into one considered a beacon in the field of Read more

H is for Todd Henry: Doing Your Best In Life

Todd’s books encourage people to be creative. They also provide practical tools that enable people to do their best in life.

You can discover more about Todd’s work via the following link.


Here Read more

A is for All Kinds Of Minds: Enabling All Students To Learn

All Kinds Of Minds is dedicated to enabling all students to learn. Is has a clear philosophy that it has translated into practical tools. It says:

All Kinds Of Minds has articulated a set Read more

W is for What Kids Can Do

Barbara Cervone and Kathleen Cushman co-founded the non profit organisation What Kids Can Do in 2001.

The video above highlights some of Barbara’s work that led to here winning the Encore Purpose Read more

K is for Kids Are Heroes: Encouraging Kids To Build A Better World

Kids Are Heroes® aims to be an incubator for very young social entrepreneurs. It says:

We provide a gateway to leadership and compassion for all children. We believe kids are heroes and each one Read more

S is for Being Soul Wise And Street Wise

Some people are soul wise, whilst some are street wise. Some people are both soul wise and street wise. Let’s explore these themes.

(In this article I have deliberately split the word streetwise into Read more

P is for The Partnership For 21st Century Skills

The Partnership For 21st Century Skills in the United States has a clear mission. It aims:

To serve as a catalyst to position 21st century readiness at the center of US K12 education by Read more

T is for Toybank: Giving Back The Right To Childhood

Toybank is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide toys to all children. It vision is a world where all children have a happy and healthy childhood.

Below are excerpts from its Read more

K is for Kanchi: Unleashing The Abilities Of People With Disabilities

Kanchi is a social enterprise that works to unleash the abilities of the one billion people in the world with a disability.

Below are excerpts from its website. You can discover more via the Read more