Choosing To Build A Positive Planet

This section focuses on people who choose to help to build a positive planet.

It also provides practical tools and exercises that people can use in their own ways.

E is for Echoing Green: Unleashing Talent To Solve World Problems

Echoing Green was founded in 1987 by leaders of General Atlantic. Since then it has supported more than 500 social entrepreneurs who have worked to improve life on the planet.

According to the organisation’s Read more

S is for Jack Sim (Mr. Toilet): The World Toilet Organization

Jack takes a pride in being known as Mr. Toilet. He is committed to providing sustainable sanitation for people around the world.

He founded the World Toilet Organization. Here is some background about him Read more

R is for The International Rehabilitation Council For Torture Victims

Some people try to crush the human spirit. Others try to maintain or revive it. The IRCT belongs to the second category.

Inge Genefke is a Danish doctor who founded the ITCT Read more

B is for Peter Benenson: Giving Birth To Amnesty International

Peter found his own way to maintain the positive spirit in people. He was travelling on the London Underground one day in the autumn of 1960 when his eye caught an article in Read more

S is for The Schwab Foundation For Social Entrepreneurship

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship supports and highlights the work of social entrepreneurs around the world. Here are some excerpts from its web site.

Professor Klaus Schwab created the Read more

B is for Richard St. Barbe Baker: A Life Planting Trees

In the video above, Richard St. Barbe Baker describes his way of helping to build a better world.

He believes in showing people the value of planting trees.

Richard’s epiphany came at a young Read more

M is for Ellen MacArthur: The Circular Economy

Ellen became famous for her round-the-world yacht voyages. Whilst on the yacht she became increasingly aware of environmental challenges. This led to her focusing on the need to live with just the resources Read more

S is for The Skoll Foundation: Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

Sally is the President and CEO of The Skoll Foundation. In this video she describes the successes and challenges of being a social entrepreneur.

She also explains how the Skoll Foundation continues to address Read more

A is for The Acumen Fund: Enabling People To Shape Their Futures

Jacqueline Novogratz is an optimist. Whilst recognising the difficult challenges in the world, she believes people can shape their futures.

Speaking to Molly Petrilla for the web site Smart Planet, she describes the time Read more

R is for The Right Livelihood Awards

Since 1980 The Right Livelihood Award Foundation has given what has become known as ‘The Alternative Nobel Prize’.

These awards are given to individuals and groups who have done practical work to help people Read more