Choosing To Build A Positive Planet

This section focuses on people who choose to help to build a positive planet.

It also provides practical tools and exercises that people can use in their own ways.

G is for The Giving Library: A Vast Resource For Philanthropists

The Giving Library provides a vast resource for philanthropists who are looking to support specific types of organisations.

It is part of The Laura and John Arnold Foundation. You discover more about the Foundation Read more

G is for Good: A Global Community Of People Who Give A Damn

GOOD began as a magazine in 2006. Since then it has developed many different platforms, but it continues to follow its mission of ‘to do the most GOOD’.

The organisation highlights good Read more

H is for The Haller Foundation: Enabling Life To Flourish

The Haller Foundation does remarkable work. It provides practical approaches to transforming communities and releasing many forms of potential.

The video above shows some of the many ways these ideas have been translated into Read more

A is for Peter Diamandis And Steven Cotler On Abundance

Peter Diamandis and Steven Cotler recognise there are many challenges in the world.

They also believe that human beings have the imagination and technology to shape a positive future.

The authors want to change Read more

E is for Echoing Green: Unleashing Talent To Solve World Problems

Echoing Green was founded in 1987 by leaders of General Atlantic. Since then it has supported more than 500 social entrepreneurs who have worked to improve life on the planet.

According to the organisation’s Read more

T is for Homa Tavangar: Helping Children To Grow Up Global

Homa grew up with the awareness of being a global citizen. Born in Iran, she has lived in East and West Africa, South America and throughout the U.S. She speaks four languages and Read more

D is for Jason Drew: Repairing The Future Through Sustainability

Jason is recognised as a pioneering green entrepreneur. In the video above he responds to winning the Africa Innovation Foundation’s Award for best innovation in 2013.

He believes the Sustainability Revolution is replacing Read more

S is for Jack Sim (Mr. Toilet): The World Toilet Organization

Jack takes a pride in being known as Mr. Toilet. He is committed to providing sustainable sanitation for people around the world.

He founded the World Toilet Organization. Here is some background about him Read more

G is for Global Giving: A Market Place For Good

Here is a short film that explains how GlobalGiving works.

GlobalGiving is a marketplace of good. It allows you to find, fund, and follow up with hundreds of amazing people running social, environmental, and Read more

R is for The International Rehabilitation Council For Torture Victims

Some people try to crush the human spirit. Others try to maintain or revive it. The IRCT belongs to the second category.

Inge Genefke is a Danish doctor who founded the ITCT Read more