Mike Pegg. The Art of Strengths Coaching

This book gives a vast overview of the strengths approach. It also provides many practical tools that people can use to build on strengths and super teams.

“My passion is building businesses that are customer focused and deliver success. As a practitioner, I am sometimes wary of management models that look good on paper but do not translate into action. The strengths and super teams approach that we have used with Mike, however, has proved deeply practical. People have taken the ideas on board and developed as both people and professionals. They have used the practical tools in their daily work and have delivered great results.”

Alex Miller, CEO, Jam@Engine.

“I have worked with Mike to employ the super teams approach in every business I’ve run over the last 20 years. And it’s worked every time. In fast-paced, entrepreneurial businesses Mike’s approach has helped build teams that share a common vision of the company’s goals, and a clear appreciation of the contribution every single person will make.

“Just as importantly, it has equipped employees with an understanding of their individual strengths and value, enabling them to shape their future careers and go on to build successful businesses of their own. I cannot recommend Mike, and his practical, positive approach, highly enough.”

Nick Hynes, CEO and Founder, Somo. Member of the Digital Hall of Fame, 2012.

“During the past 15 years I have worked with Mike in several pioneering companies. The strengths and super teams approaches provided practical tool kits that worked. People implemented the ideas successfully to achieve and maintain peak performance.”

Jim Brigden, Chief Client and Commercial Officer for iProspect UK.

“I have personally worked with Mike and the Strengths approach for the past 10 years in Microsoft. The belief in people’s strengths, and building on individual’s talents to create exceptional business results I personally find inspiring. It has never failed but help me create an environment and teams that have all excelled at delivering incredible outcomes and success, both for the business and for themselves as individuals. What I love most about working with Mike and building on people’s strengths is the pure positivity and impact it has, and how infectious it is in organisations. I might think that it is for the benefit of my team, but whenever I look back at the results we achieved I can always see the ripple effect that this has on other parts of the business and on the teams that we work closely with. This creates a wonderfully positive halo on the team, and on the culture too.”

Philippa Snare Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft Ltd.


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