I is for Identifying The Important Things In Life

What do you believe is important in life? Many people describe similar themes when answering this question.

They want to be healthy and happy. They also want to encourage others to have hope. As Read more

S is for Signature Work

Signature work is a true expression of a person’s strengths and style. It embodies patterns they repeat again and again.

Reflecting on such work, a person experiences a sense of recognition. It Read more

R is for Revitalisation

People need to stay healthy to perform at their best. They are then more able to do stimulating work, stretch themselves and achieve success.

Bearing this in mind, people can find it useful to Read more

R is for The Right Strategy With The Right People In The Right Way

Super teams have a clear story, strategy and road to success. The leaders communicate the ‘What’, ‘Why’ and the strategic ‘How’. They then involve their people in making clear contracts about the ‘Who’ and Read more

B is for Back Up Plans

“Security is to have an alternative,” we are told. You may pursue Plan A to reach your goals. But it is also important to have a back up plan. You may actually have a Read more

R is for Raw Talent, Routine And Results

There are many ways to do fine work. One approach is to build on raw talent, follow routines and deliver the desired results. This approach can be used by both individuals and teams.

Imagine Read more