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The Positive Encourager’s Book – A Book Of Practical Tools You Can Use In Your Own Way

This free ebook explores how we can encourage people during our time on the planet. More than 2,600 pages long, you can download the book and use it in your own way.

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The Positive Teams Approach

How can you continue to build superb teams? This article describes one approach. It is based on a model that I have seen work in many fields during the past fifty years.

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The Strengths Approach To Doing Satisfying Work

“The world of work keeps changing,” some people say. “It is hard to know what skills people should learn to shape their futures.”

Perhaps. As the saying goes, however, the more things change, Read more

The Vocation Approach

A person’s vocation is their calling. It is what they are here to do. Their vocation may remain constant throughout their life. They may express this through various vehicles, however, on the way towards Read more

The Mentoring Approach

There are many ways to encourage people. One approach is to act as a mentor and pass on knowledge that helps people to succeed.

Mentoring is a huge subject. So let’s start by considering Read more

The Values Driven Organisation Approach

Imagine that you have been asked to help an organisation to clarify its values. The organisation then aims to follow these values, translate them into a clear vision and deliver visible results.

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The Relaxed Relentlessness Approach

Great athletes sometimes follow these steps when performing at their best. The approach can also be adapted by other people who want to deliver peak performances.

Bearing in mind what they can control, a Read more

The Fallow Times Can Be Fruitful Times Approach

People can sometimes experience a sense of flow when doing a stimulating piece of work or project. They enjoy setting specific goals, doing superb work and achieving success.

This is a process I have Read more

The Peak Performer’s Path Approach

There are many models for doing superb work. One approach is to have a positive attitude and focus on a specific activity where you may have the ability to deliver peak performances.

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The Wholistic Approach – Focusing On Wellbeing, Work And Wealth

There are many ways to focus on work. One approach is to take a wholistic view. It is to aim to get the right blend between wellbeing, work and wealth. Different people may face Read more