The Design Process Of Feel, Imagine, Do And Share Approach

This post describes the design process of Feel, Imagine, Do and Share. Read more

The Will Before Skill Approach

Looking back on your life, can you think of a time when you demonstrated the will required to achieve a specific goal?

You may have been aiming to pass your driving test, save money Read more

The Getting Responses After Presenting The Team’s Strategy Approach

This piece looks at how you can get people’s responses after presenting the team’s strategy. Read more

The Clarifying The Actual Words You Would Like To Hear People Saying Approach

This piece invites you to describe the actual words you would like people to be saying about your work. Read more

The In Order To Finish First, First You Have To Finish Approach

This post explores the view that in order to finish first, first you have to finish. Read more

The Focusing On The Goal Rather Than The Goalkeeper Approach

This post explores the importance of focusing on the goal rather than the goalkeeper. Read more