G is for Generosity

People make choices every day. They can choose to be generous or greedy, to help people or hurt people. Each choice does, of course, have consequences.

So how do we learn generosity? How can Read more

C is for Building A Team That Balances Consistency And Creativity

There are many models for building a superb team. One approach is to get the right balance between consistency and creativity.

Good teams consistently reach 8/10. But they also encourage people to express their Read more

The Numbers Approach To Get To The Heart Of The Matter

This article looks at using the numbers approach to getting to the heart of a matter. Read more

F is for Focusing On The Things You Find Fascinating

“Looking back, I would have found it invaluable to get some really good career advice,” said one person.

“I have always loved designing things, but there are so many different things you can design.

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G is for Great Days, Good Days And Grunt Days

Great days are when you fly and feel exhilarated. Good days are when you do fine work and feel satisfied. Grunt days are when you feel as if you are just doing grunt work.

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C is for Communicating The Concept And The Concrete

Imagine you are a leader, educator or keynote speaker. How can you use your strengths to communicate in a compelling way?

This article summarises one approach that is used by good communicators. You will, Read more

C is for Communicating With Architects, Builders And Craftsmen

Imagine you are due to make a presentation to a leadership team.

The group will be made up of people who process information in different ways. There will be ‘architects’, ‘builders’ and ‘craftsmen’.

Let’s Read more

F is for Everything Is Food

Everything is food. The things we encounter each day have the ability to affect our system. What we do about these experiences is, of course, up to us.

Looking at your own life, who Read more

C is for The Creative Process Of Opening Up And Closing Down

People often go through a certain process when being creative. They go through the stages of opening up and closing down. They may do this when solving a problem, painting a picture, writing a Read more

C is for Establishing A Coaching Contract

Imagine that somebody has asked you to be their coach. Before embarking on the coaching process it is vital to establish their goals.

Clear contracting is vital in any relationship. This is especially so Read more